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Hit your workout goals
without missing a stride

Did You Know?

As much as 50% of YOUR muscle strength is determined by your genes

It’s no secret that not every workout plan and nutritional approach will work for every person. What has been secret until now is how to figure out the ones that most closely match your personal make up and maximize your potential.

Your GenAthlete report will help you to better understand the factors that can affect how your body works to get the most from your exercise and training time and efforts.

Studies are just beginning to reveal what our genes say about our physical abilities, including muscle strength. While we can’t change our genes, we can change our behaviors to take advantage of what our genes say about our bodies, including our athletic performance and physical vigor. 

With GenAthlete, you will get that extra edge in finding the right plan that helps you maximize the results you get from all your hard work.*

Hit your workout goals without missing a stride


With the latest genomic technology, any health management program that does not take an individual’s genetic profile into account is simply guesswork.

Want to finally hit your peak performance?* 

Order GenAthlete today and hit your workout goals without missing a stride. 

What recommendations can you expect from your GenAthlete Report?


How to order


Step 1 Click on the link below to order
Your kit will arrive in approx 3-6 business days

Step 2 Perform the simple swabs at home
Use the prepaid package to send back

Step 3 Get your results in 4-6 weeks**
Start making smarter health decisions based on your unique DNA


*Results vary from individual to individual. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Your success depends on the lifestyle, diet, exercise and nutrition changes you make upon receiving your DNA results. Consult your healthcare provider for additional support.

**Upon receipt of your sample by our lab.

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