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How It Works


How It Works


HUMUN Health’s uncommonly uncommon services are flexible and modular. A customized solution can be created for your needs.

Precision Medicine – Delivered

Large test menu
We offer a large menu of both infectious disease and genetic testing to cover all your health and wellness care needs.
Easy ordering
Simply select the test that best fits our needs through our secure online shopping experience.
Fast and free shipping
Fast and always free shipping both to you and back to the lab for testing and resulting.
At-home collection
Kits include simple instructions and everything needed to collect, pack, and return to lab.
Laboratory testing
Our high-complexity lab partners test, result, and securely notify you of your results.
Secure results
Our systems are fully integrated, HIPAA compliant for kit registration and all test results.
Share with care team
Test results reports are designed to be easily understood and shared with your care team for implementation into your care plan.

Example collection kit, instructions, communications, and electronic test results.

Example At-home health collection Kit. Test type determines collection type (swab, urine, blood).
Easy-to-follow collection instructions and supplies. kit content depends upon test type.
Convenient and secure kit registration process with QR codes and individualize kit ID.
Example fulfillment and shipment tracking through digital communications.
PDF of results are available (cloud-based) for easy sharing with your care team.
Example of the easy to understand test results page with clear graphical representations.
Help is just a call or text away.
Patients can respond to automated notifications to get live help.
Contact HUMUN Health to learn the full scope of our services and how they can be customized to your needs.
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